Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Crazy busy...

but.....it's for God, so it's worth it!

Two weekends ago, Randall, Ruthie, Kristen, Corey, and I headed to Wynne, AR for a Lay Witness Mission (LWM). This was our second mission like this. Last summer, a man from our church approached Randall and asked him if we would like to be the youth coordinators for some of the missons. The first trip, we had no idea what to expect and were BLOWN AWAY by the youth. We enjoyed it so much. Words can't even describe it. This time, we had another amazing trip. I didn't get any photos, but my friend Kristen did.

Last weekend, we had a southern gospel quartet convention in Plumerville, AR. We took our youth and our youth did a drama for them. I am a huge fan of southern gospel. I was blown away by quite a few quartets! The youth were amazing and so well behaved. I wish I could share some photos of the youth, but I don't feel as though I have permission from parents to share on here. Although, I will say I finally got Facebook, and I have truly enjoyed chatting with my family, church family, mission family, and friends. I did post the photos over there, but you have to be a friend to view them.

This upcoming weekend, we have a revival coming up. Randall will be taking Randy to the Beast Feast Thursday night. Friday night- revival, Saturday day- Youth Explosion, Saturday night- revival, and Sunday day- revival! SOOOO EXCITED! Please say a prayer for our church that the Lord works in amazing ways!

So, that's what I have been up to lately. Time is going by so fast. The weather is warming up, so I am hoping to get some photos taken this week for my P52.

I will share this photo of my niece (who I am soooo proud of!) joining the drama. She's holding a sign that says "HEALED."

Here's my two handsome men!


Mari said...

Wow - you have lots going on over there, but it sure sounds exciting! Praying everything goes well and lots of lives are touched!

Lea Ann said...

And what an awesome weekend it was! So, so proud of the kids!! =) And yes, when "Busy" is for God...it's so worth it! =)