Wednesday, March 2, 2011

My babies

are always so much fun to capture doing their thing. Randy loves to build towers and the funny thing is, he knocks them over with his belly! What a hoot! I just love this little man!

A friend told me about the site Sheppard Software and Ruthie is addicted. No, I don't let her stay on the computer all the time. I think I was cooking or doing laundry at the time, and her little toes caught my eye. She was too cute!

Please ignore our stained couch!

Randy has been sick today and yesterday, so I have called in. Tomorrow and Friday, Randall is off, so he will have them. I am hoping he kicks it soon. I hate it when my babies are sick.

I took my P52 photo for this week, but I am waiting to share it until tomorrow or Friday. I might get one I like more!

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Lea Ann said...

Aww, LOVE the toes!! So cute. And Randy is so cute and funny!! Hope he's feeling better!