Thursday, March 24, 2011


I am excited to post this.  Ever since we have lived here, most of our land has been used for our horses.  Well, we sold two of them last year.  I have always wanted a larger yard.  We own four acres and honestly, WE only used about 1 of them.  Buck, our horse, has 3 of them.  It's frustrated me that our horse has more land than my kids!  Randall and I have always discussed expanding our yard to the West.  It would add about an acre more of land for the kids to play.

We finally started the project!  I am so excited b/c we bought the kids their F150 to drive around in and once we finish the land, they can go enjoy more land!  Since it's spring time and summer is approaching, outside is where we want to be.  This will allow us to have more room to roam.  I am hoping I get a picnic table soon from my hubby!  (since he is into wood working and all!) 

Here are some photos of the progress we have made.  Since I took these photos, we have about 4 more strands of barbwire.  We haven't taken down all the fence to where it's easily accessible, but we plan to on Randall's next day off.  After that- all that's left is to brush hog it!!  Luckily, we have a great friend who will do it for us!!

The kids loved playing out there in the truck.  Here they are giving each other kisses through the window!
 Here we are at the back of the property.  The house is at the far left of the photo.

 Ya, typical boy huh?  He LOVES Daddy's truck!

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Mari said...

How exciting! Having more room to run and play will be great. I like the pictures you took of the fence, especially the one with the hammer on the wood piece.