Wednesday, May 4, 2011


A few weeks back, a dear friend and co-worker introduced me to a book titled Radical by David Platt.  She was telling me about it and asked me if I wanted to read some of it on her Ipad.  Of course I did, it sounded very interesting.  Little did I know what an impact it would have on me.  The thing is, I am only half way through with the book, and my heart is so heavy, so full of a desire to do everything and obey my God. 

My issue is, where do I begin?  The book talks about all kind of different ways to help.  My mind is racing with all kinds of ideas:  help out a homeless shelter, provide food to the needy, buy clothes for the needy, sell my items that I don't need, pack up and move to Honduras.  Seriously.... reading this book changed my outlook on everything.  I am soaking every single bit of the book up, taking notes along the way, passing them on to Randall.  I think I might start blogging about some of the notes as well.  Maybe those posts will help others. 

The book talks about being Radical for God.  Here in America, we don't even understand what being "radical for God" means.  We think sitting in our padded church pews, in an A/C or heated santuary that costs more money than most people outside of America make in 10 years, for 1 hour (4 hours for those who attend Sunday School, Sunday night, and Wed night) with a parking lot full of millions of dollars worth of vehicles, is radical.  Um.....not so much.  We seriously have it all wrong.  We think we are doing what's right when we upgrade our phones, our cars, our clothes, our everything.  We also think that giving some money in the church plate and donating our clothes to the local shelter one time a year is enough.  I am not saying this isn't good, but is it RADICAL!?  When Jesus said to sell all your goods and follow me, he didn't mean sell what you don't want and come with Me.  He meant everything. 

So, my question for the people who read this blog, what are you doing that is Radical?  I want some ideas.  We live in such a tiny town ( not saying it has to be here in America)  and I would love to make an impact here to begin with.  I can't wait to start this journey.  Share with me please!  I am going to be praying hard about this, and I pray that you do too.  GET YOUR HANDS ON THIS BOOK!


Carol said...

Oooo, I can tell this is challenging for you and I'm excited to know what you learn from this.
I have had the priviledge of travelling to a couple of different parts of the world where people live in shanty towns, or in concrete houses without running water, toilet or electricity and their faith is on a completely different level to mine. I can pray for a parking space and get one, they would pray for a days food supply and greatly rejoice when God provides. I learnt that I have a lot to learn from 'poorer' people - or people less fortunate than me. I will watch out for this book and look forward to what you have to share.
Bless you. Carol x

Brianne said...

I am going to start posting different ideas on my blog soon too. I haven't read the book, but I'm inspired.

One thing I have challenged myself and family to do is this: buy food for the local food bank. I had been wanting to do this for a while. Finally, last time I went shopping, I made myself buy $10 of food for the food bank. It was 5 bags of pasta and 5 large cans of sauce.

A small thing, but small things add up and make a difference!

Rebecca said...

Hi Sadie! I just saw your discussion about this on blog frog (I know...I'm a little behind)

I love this book, and I love that it is moving so many of us to action! Just an FYI, if you are interested, David Platt also has a lot of really great sermons online. On itunes you will find hime under "The Church at Brook Hills"...

Anyways, I really try to live radically, although sometimes my efforts are a little lame. I am really involved with ministry going on in Zimbabwe and am able to visit from time to time, but I also think its important to be involved in my own community. I mentor 2 at risk youth who are really hungry for positive role models, and I also try to get involved in other volunteer opportunities.

I think God also places people in our paths everyday. Sometimes we are just called to give a warm smile, sometimes a warm meal, sometimes lending an ear. I have been making more of an effort to hear God's calling in being obedient in these little moments that are sometimes easier to miss.

Oh, and I can't leave without mentioning Compassion International. Have you heard of them? Child sponsorship is a great way to change a child's