Friday, May 6, 2011

Week Eighteen {Project52}

This week, I actually had quite a few photos to choose from.  So, I narrowed it down and I picked this one. 

There are many reasons why I picked this one.  Mainly, it's because this is where I found my true self.  I had Jesus before I went to West Park, but little did I know how much I was missing.  The Holy Spirit is here, and I am ALWAYS in a good mood when I am here.  I love my church family so much.  We are so blessed to know the people who go here and we are also blessed to have a preacher who is not afraid to step on toes and deliver God's Word!  His wife's pretty cool too!  She a fun, happy, God-loving woman! 

I am going to add some more photos to this post just b/c these were the others I have taken this week.

Randy loves to play with Ruthie's silly bands.  So crazy how popular this little things are!
T-ball season has begun!  Finally!  After 2 games being cancelled due to rain!

 Randy cheering for big sis!

 Smiling for Mommy!

 Ring Pops make ballgames more fun...and MESSY!

SUPER SWEET moment I caught on camera!  Love my precious gifts from God!


Mari said...

A wonderful, Spirit filled church family is such a blessing! Glad you have that.
The picture of Randy and Ruthie is the sweetest thing ever!

Lea Ann said...

I LOVE that place too. I also knew Jesus very well went I found that place, but not like I do now. I too, found very true self. LOVE the other pics. Especially of them two kissing through the fence. Priceless!