Monday, June 20, 2011

Church Camp 2011 + 24/52

This photo basically sums up our amazing experience at camp this year.  Last year, I wasn't able to attend, being that I was in Honduras.  But, my amazing husband took our two kiddos last year and was the male counselor.  This year, I think we more than doubled our amount of campers!  We took 31 people, 5 being adults. We were beyond blessed!

We arrived a bit late Monday morning, but it was still ok.  Our kids were able to attend the first class.  Ruthie and Randy went along with us.  We knew it might get a bit stressful, but we would much rather allow them to experience camp too. 

Bro. Travis Plumlee was our speaker.  Talk about one AMAZING man of God.  This man brings it.  He knows his stuff and definately loves the Lord.  I was blessed to hear him speak at our revival this year, so I was thrilled I was given the chance to hear him speak again.  He preaches on all topics: marriage, courting, purity, depression, and raising kids to name a few.  I read his book on raising kids- and it changed my parenting a lot.

We had one of our youth saved, and 3 rededicate their lives.  While we were there, we had two brothers have a "Come to Jesus" meeting and they grew so much closer together and closer to God.  I was beyond blessed to experience this. 

It is so amazing to see God work in the lives of younger ones.  These kids have to suffer through too much.  Way too much.  It breaks my heart to hear what some of them are going through, but we have to have the faith that God will deliver them.  I know He will as long as they follow His path.  I pray for each and every one of them. 

Sunday morning worship- we had the youth bring camp back to the adults.  They did just that.  On the last song, the youth went down into the crowd, grabbed their hands and we all worships together.  It was amazing.  Lots of tears were shed.  We also had one young man give his life to Jesus at the end of the service!  AMAZING!

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Mari said...

What a wonderful week - and I love that the kids brought it back on Sunday!