Monday, June 27, 2011

Lazy days of summer

What are you supposed to do on hot summer days?   Visit Grandmama & Pappy's pool of course!  We always have a blast!  The boys are constantly doing crazy tricks off the diving board, while my two kiddos play in the shallow end and relax.  Soooo thankful this pool isn't too far from my house.  To make it even better- our kids get some good G-mama and Pappy time!!!! 

My nephew Alex doing his crazy tricks!
 COUSIN time!!
 Randall's not too fond of the pool, but he doesn't mind a nice cool dip every now and then!
 Ruthie and her HayHay!
 My Randy boy being a turkey as always!
 Sunbathing while making "drinks" (Pepsi and Dr. Pepper) for everyone! 
My nephew Simon dancing on water!  Love this shot of him!!

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Lea Ann said...

LOVE these! That is ALL we've done this summer! And, there is nothing like "cousin time!"