Monday, July 25, 2011

Summer Fun + 29/52

Late....AGAIN!  This is how we have been spending our days lately.  I usually don't like photos of myself, but I began thinking that I need to have photos of me with my babies.  I am always the one behind the camera.  My precious niece took this for me.  The sun was in our eyes, hince the squinting, but it reminds me of all the fun we have at the pool! 

And....of course I can't help but add more than just that photo!  Ruthie is five years old.  Her cousin Simon is 1.5 years older than her.  He is much much more brave when it comes to the pool.  Ruthie has always been really careful.  This year, I guess she decided to drop that...  She has begun jumping off the diving board!  At the beginning of this year, she wouldn't even jump off the side on the shallow end!  She isn't even using her life vest anymore!  Soooo proud of her!! Randy of course loves to "sim" (swim)!  He loves goggles and just swimming everywhere.  This year, we have had a blast at the pool.  In fact, we are going back tomorrow! 


Mari said...

Very cute shots! You are right about the pictures of yourself. I've been bad at that and now have hardly any pictures of me with my kids. So - learn from my mistakes. :)

Our Family said...

glad you guys are having such a fun summer! soak it up!