Monday, August 1, 2011

30/52 + GIRL Cousins Sleepover!

Summer has just flown by and I am struggling so much with the thought of Ruthie going into Kindergarten.  Man on man, I am NOT ready.  She is, 100%, but I am not.  Any ideas on how to help me get ready?  Seriously, anything will help. 

Here's my P52 photo for week 30. 

We had a GIRL cousin night the other night and it was sooooo much fun!  I never get to see my precious nieces from my brother.  I finally got to keep them both overnight!  Haley got to join us as well!  We had a blast.  We giggled, rode the four wheeler, jumped on the trampoline, sang songs, did fashion shows, ate good food, watched a movie, and the best part- we prayed together!  They are all such beautiful ladies!  I enjoyed every.single.minute.  It was hard to let them go back home.  Especially since they said they wanted to stay with me FOREVER!  Plus, I am the best aunt ever!  (That's what Josie said anyways....for that moment!)  This was honestly one weekend I will never forget.  I pray they don't either.  Here are some more photos from that weekend!

 On my piano, we spell out what we are thankful for.  Alexis put "families", Haley put "cousins", and Josie said she was thankful for ME!  So, I spelled out "Aunt Sadie" for her!  I was smiling from ear to ear and I still am! 


Mari said...

Good for you! What fun for everyone.
I hated to send my kids to kindergarten too, and there is no avoiding it. It doesn't take long after they start to get used to it though.

Anonymous said...

Love this!- Haley