Thursday, August 18, 2011


Guess what?!?  My P52 this week is my baby girl going to kindergarten.  Bet you already guess that!  I couldn't help but pull out my camera and attempt to capture this monumental day.  She was so excited and so ready. 

We walked in and she was just fine with me leaving, which totally makes everything much harder.  I gave her like a thousand hugs and kisses.  Finally I decided I had better get my butt to work, so I gave her one last (long) squishy hug and teared up.  She kept saying, "You are gonna cry Mom!"  I just told her no, but I did cry all the way to work.  It's hard to leave your baby in a new place.  She is usually so shy and not ready to do new things, but she was sure ready for kindergarten.  She only cried when we left Randy at preschool.  This was the first time since he was just a few months old that she has left him.  It was so sweet.  Love my precious babies. 

Randy also did really well for his first day of preschool without Ruthie!  He started a new preschool and he seems to be really enjoying it!  I am sharing hi pic and the pic of them together of their first day!


Mari said...

Awww! Ruthie is getting so big! Very cute shots of both of them!

Our Family said...

they are both so precious and it is so sweet to know how much they are enjoying themselves in their new schools. I hope this is an amazing year for you all.

Lea Ann said...

LOVE these two!