Saturday, August 20, 2011

A few things about myself....{MeMe}

I have been tagged by Robin over at Robin's Nest to do a list of ten things most people don't know about me.  This will be tough....

1. I actually don't mind cleaning the bathroom.  Weird I know, but it's something I like to be clean, so I like to be the one to do it.
2. I LOVE to sing and dance, but there is NO way I would do it around anyone but my children.  Not even me hubby.
3. I have recently come to realize I am quite shy.  Photography is helping me come out of my shell, but when it comes to new people, I am nervous.
4. I love my small town, but at times, I wish I lived in a larger area.  Mainly b/c I would have more options when it comes to photography.
5. I could eat peppermints all day long. 
6. I used to think I was adopted.  Mainly b/c my brothers and sisters would tease me, but I did find myself questioning.  Funny now though!
7. I get my feelings hurt quite easily.  I can joke around all day long, but I really don't know how to read people, so I am quite sensitive.
8. I find myself having baby fever and wondering if I will ever be pregnant again.
9. I LOVE the show I Love Lucy although I never watch it anymore.
10. I hate dressing up.  I wish I could live in jeans and tshirts forever.

Not too interesting huh?  I tag Lea Ann, GiGi, Gwen, & Mari.

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Mari said...

I am similar to you in several of these points! I'll do my list soon - but probably not this week, because I think I've already got this week full!