Tuesday, August 23, 2011

"Hi Gei-ki!"

Randy definately loves his silky (or blanket).  He prounounces it "gei-ki."  He has to have his "silky" (as we call it) to go to bed.  He also loves to it just snuggle and watch tv with.  It's so cute.....to me.  Randall doesn't think it's too cute, but if he would have witnessed what I saw today- he would think differently.  Yes, I realize he is 2 and he carries a blanket, but oh well.  He's fine. 

I used to think any silky would tie him over.  Mainly b/c we had three and we just switched them out.  Well, we have lost 3, bought a few more to replace them, and lost those as well.  So, we were down to one.  Apparently that one has taken over.  We had him a Thomas one made, but it doesn't do the trick.  Anyways..... this is what I heard today as soon as we walk through the door.......


Sooooo cute and sooooo sweet.  He missed his silky!  He has another one at school, but this one stays home.  I just love this little guy.  It's the little tiny things in life that I love.  If I would have been off in my own little world, I would not have experienced this. 

(The reason this last one's color is a bit off is b/c I didn't use my speedlight.  I just upped my ISO but wasn't pleased, so I quickly put my speedlight on.)


Lisa said...

Love this Sadie! Jake still has a blankie and loves it!

Sadie said...

Thanks Lisa. It's funny how the small things are the things that bring joy to our lives.

Lea Ann said...

I LOVE this little guy!