Friday, September 16, 2011

Another week has passed....

and I feel like nothing has been accomplished!  I have been super busy in photography and work.  We aren't even doing any after school activities, thank goodness!!  Photography is going great.  I have lots of people wanting photo shoots.  It is really tough for me considering I have two kids and work a full-time job.  I still enjoy editing though.  As you can see here, one night, we were waiting for Randall to come home from work.  I had just finished a photo shoot.  I couldn't help but do some quick shots of Ruthie for her kindergarten photo shoot.  We had good light, and plenty of time.  Plus, it was a gorgeous evening.  I had to edit a few and post here.

She is still loving K and Randy is definitely loving preschool.  I am so thankful.  Ruthie was never easy to drop off until K, so it's a big surprise to me that Randy is good with it.  I am soooooo grateful that they work so well with him in the potty'ing area.  Man oh man is he giving me a run for my money.  It's almost like he went totally backwards, which is super stressful.  He never has accidents there, and occasionally he has them at home.

We are doing a new study in youth class (I help) on Wednesday nights.  It's called "Not A Fan".  It's been really great to see how God works in youth.

Randall, the kids and I might be making a huge adjustment to our lives, but I can't discuss all the information here.  Maybe soon.  I just ask that you pray for us at this time. Thank you.   Now, for photos of my big K-girl!

Just love this one of her silly-self!

And these are just some simple ones I was dying to do.

Oh, and head on over to my photography blogsite and check the precious baby boy I was able to take photos of!  My good friend's baby who is totally giving me baby fever.

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Our Family said...

lovely photos of your lovely girl! glad she is enjoying K. TFS!