Monday, September 26, 2011

Aiyaya...37/52 & 38/52

Falling behind again.  It's just soooo hectic.  One day I pray I can slow down.

Anyways, here are week 37 & 38 for my project 52.

This one may seem a bit mean, but man oh man was he mad!  He did NOT like Ruthie and Simon jumping while he was on there.  He just threw a fit, so I saw fit to grab my camera and snap!

Week 38 had to come from our camping trip!  I had a hard time deciding b/c I took lots of photos, but I went with this one.  Ruthie and I were waiting on Randall and Randy, so I decided to set the timer and snap a quick pic of me and my baby girl!  She loves those nerd glasses.  She hardly took them off.

There will be plenty more photos from the camping trip later, but for now, I need a shower and my bed!!

1 comment:

Mari said...

They're both great in their own way. I wish I had taken more pictures of my kids when they were naughty or mad, if for no other reason than to show them when they were older. :)