Saturday, October 1, 2011

A Camping Trip

Let's just say our weekend of camping did not begin, nor end like we expected.  But with two kids, what can we expect right?!  Although, it was all our fault!

Friday, I took a personal day and I was *supposed* to finish packing for the trip.  I had the bright idea to go car shopping instead, just to look.  Randall had a dentist appt in the same town, so I figured we could look, head to his appt, then head home.  WRONG!  Of course, we found two vehicles we really loved.  We have decided to get a vehicle for Randall, and trade in my truck on a mini-van (GASP!)  We test drove 3 different vehicle and settled on the '08 Ford Taurus that we really love.  We weren't able to get the minivan, but the guy is still looking for the right one.  Well, that took ALL day.  We ended up picking Ruthie up a bit early from school to get ready, then go back and get the car.

We realized we left the air mattress at church.  I wasn't sleeping on the ground!  So, Ruthie and I headed to the campground, and Randall and Randy went to get the air mattress, which was way out of the way.  We arrived only about 3 hours later than we wanted, so the first night was a bit of a mess. We did enjoy it though.  It was a bit cold, but managed.  We realized we didn't pack Randy a sweater for that morning.  So, we left our stuff there and drove back home (not a Wal-Mart or anything else nearby).  Grabbed a few things, forgot more things and went back to the camp.

Randall's mom, sister, brother-in-law, and niece came by for a cookout.  Thank goodness b/c they brought the MANY things we forgot!  We had a great time.  We took the kids to the playground and had a blast.

That night, we went to bed and woke up twice to rain.  Randall woke me up at 5:10 and said, I don't want to pack this thing up in the rain, let's go now.  I asked him to let me sleep longer.  He woke me up again at 6:00 and we packed up.  I was a bit bummed b/c it BARELY rained, but we did get home, get unpacked, cleaned up, and rested for Sunday night service.

While camping, we took a hike and Ruthie found a love for muscle shells.  I didn't bring my camera along and I am kicking myself for that.  We took them home, cleaned them out, and painted the tops.  It was fun!  Ruthie and Randy both took some big falls while we were there, along with Randy shutting his finger in the car door.  It was a mess, but we had a really good time.  The kids were both pretty well behaved and we had the campground basically to ourselves!  It was truly a blessing to get away from modern conveniences.  I have tons and tons of pics to share, so I am gonna try to do this without overloading you!!!

Note to self for next camping trip:
Remember bikes, little cars and trucks, band-aids, paper towels, and foil!


Mari said...

Camping is so fun! We used to do it more often when the kids were young. Sorry it rained on you!

Lea Ann said...

Regardless of what went wrong, at least you made some memories!! =)

Our Family said...

looks like a really good time!