Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Secret Church

As I mentioned in the previous post, I had the opportunity to join in a simulcast at my friend's church with David Platt- the author of Radical.  Radical rocked my world in so many ways.  I was beyond excited to get the chance to hear him speak!  It was a six hour long simulcast.  It went from 6pm-12am.  It dealt with sex, marriage, and the gospel.  He went through it all really fast, so I don't reccomend children or even possibly teens to do it b/c I am not sure they could keep up.  I had a tough time, but it put it in reality that there are people all over this world who are not able to worship freely, the way we are.  They have to gather secretively in spaces that are tiny, with no heat/air, no comfortable seats, and more than likely- they had to walk there. 
Here, we show up in millions of dollars worth of vehicles, in comfy seats, and air conditioned/heated rooms, waiting for that ONE hour of church to be over with.  When other countries have to meet, they meet for as long as possible so they can soak up as many hours worth of God's Word they can.  This is the reason behind secret church.  No, we didn't walk.  No, we weren't cold or hot.  No, it wasn't illegal, but there were some viewing the simulcast in areas where it WAS illegal.  It's crazy to think just how good we have it here in the U.S. 
I will do my best ot provide some notes on Secret Church, but for now, I don't have my workbook with me.  I wanted to give you the opportunity to check out the book Radical and read it before April 6th- Good Friday of 2012.  That is when the next simulcast is going to happen.  Again, you can learn more about Radical here, and more about Secret Church here.
If you are comfortable with the way you are living- don't pick up the book or do secret church.  But, if you are looking for something to rock your world, prove to you that living a life just being good isn't what God is asking, but living a life FOLLOWING Jesus is what He commands- grab the book- devour it before April 6th and let yourself be RADICAL FOR JESUS!


Carrie said...

I LOVED Radical! I am so thankful for this country that i live in and the ability to worship my Father so freely, but feel so much pain for those who can't. For those who are starving each and every day. God is doing something in my heart for these things, not sure what, but I am ready to try and make a difference. Ready and waiting on His commands.

Sadie said...

EXACTLY Carrie! That's what He asks us to do is be READY, LISTENING, and WILLING. We are blessed, and we need to share the blessings, but most important- we need to share Him. :)