Thursday, November 10, 2011

45/52 and my kids smiling TOGETHER!

This week, I had a day where it was cloudy and I was just itching to do a photo-shoot with Ruthie and Randy.  I thought for sure Randy wouldn't participate, but I managed a few smiles from them both.  The first one is week 45 for my P52.

This one is one that I just adore.  I only have ONE other pic of the two of them together that is decent, so this is so special to me.  Yes, I realize it's not technically correct, I see flaws.  This was just a quick edit, but I still LOVE this photo of my two babies!

Our little hot-rod.  Man on man is he a mess.  But, you can't help but love him to pieces.  

I am pretty sure we are in biggggg trouble with this one. Look at her gorgeous brown eyes, and luscious lips.  But, I trust in the Lord that he won't make me raise teenagers!  HAHAHA!

This one is one of my favs.  I did a bit of a different processing here, but I adore this one.  She's is my baby girl! 
 And, little Miss 'Tude!


Mari said...

Adorable pictures! I love that one of the two of them, and also that one of Ruthie!

Lea Ann said...

I LOVE these kids!! Love them all, but the last one of Ruthie. =)