Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Christmas Blessings

What an amazing Christmas we had!  I truly enjoyed myself!  It's amazing how quickly it all goes by though!!!!  I am so thankful I am off for 2 weeks.  I seriously don't think I could handle going back to work today.  My prayers go out to those that are.  I can only imagine how stressed out and exhausted they are.

Friday night, we celebrated with Randall's sister, mom, brother-in-law, and niece.  We celebrated here, which was hard b/c I had to clean my house, but I actually like it better b/c we don't have to pack up and drive back home.  I had a great time with them.  We had some great conversations and the kids loved playing!!!

Week: 51

Saturday morning, we celebrated with my parents and siblings.  We had some crazy gifts and laughed a lot.  It's so much fun getting together like we used to.  Makes me miss being little....almost!  There were 21 of us, is what my mom said.  There is one more along the way!!!  My brother is having another baby and we found out Sunday morning it's going to be a BOY!!!!!  They had the ultrasound tech put the information in the envelope and they opened it on Christmas morning.  I was beside myself waiting for the call!  I am so excited for them!

Sunday, we had a nice quiet morning with just Randall, the kids, and I.  The kids opened their gifts.  They loved everything they received.  It's amazing how easy they were to shop for this year!  We read the birth of Jesus out of the Bible and Randy sang "Happy Birthday to Jesus" all day....in fact, he is still singing it!  As soon as we finished opening gifts, we quickly got ready for church.  It was such a blessing to attend church on Christmas morning.  Bro. Troy delivered a great message and the church was packed!  I loved seeing that!  Randall had to go to work after church, so that was kind of a bummer, but I was thankful they let him off until 1:00.

Week 52:

Sunday evening, we went over to our friends house and just had a nice dinner and some good laughs and conversations.  It was fun getting together with them.  We hadn't been over there in what seemed like forever!  I missed it!  We stayed there until late and just truly enjoyed ourselves!
Just a snap of precious baby Caleb!

This Christmas was such a blessing all around.  It went by fast, so that's the only sad part.  But, we need to celebrate Jesus EVERY.SINGLE.DAY.  Not just one day a year.  I pray that the world can open their eyes and see the true meaning of Christmas.

Here is week 50 for my P52, which is OVER!  I don't know if I am happy or sad!!!!

Week 50:

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