Tuesday, April 10, 2012

The hard part about my last post

is the fact that even though I know the information, it's so hard to put it into action.  I was thinking last night, why did I feel the need to post that?  Why did I feel the need to put my heart and personal life out in the open?  God answered me.  He made me realize that if we pretend all is well, and make people believe we have a perfect marriage, those who are struggling in their marriage won't even try to make it work.  They think that everything should be perfect, and if it's not, there is only one option- DIVORCE.  That is not true.  If you go into your marriage with God being the center, you CAN work it out.
When Randall and I got marriage, I am ashamed to say we weren't living a life that was honoring God.  We failed.  We barely even discussed our belief in God.  I thank God so much that He did have me marry a Christian.  We have turned our lives around.  We talk about God daily and we walk with Him daily.  The only kind of marriage that will work is a CHRIST-CENTERED marriage.  If you don't have Christ as your center, you will fail.  But, having Him as your center, does not mean you won't suffer.
Every morning, I have two beautiful ladies that I work with send out a text to start the morning off with God.  Here is what they said:
1) "Finishing the Work- It is better to finish something than to start it.  It is better to be patient than to be proud.  Ecclesiastes 7:8-- When you seek God's purpose for your life, you will experience your fair share of disappointments, detours, false starts, and failures.  When you do, don't become discouraged:  God's not finished with you yet.  Have faith that you play an important role in God's great plan for mankind-- because you do."  Again, another slap in the face.  Although I wrote that post yesterday, I struggled with being selfish again last night.  I cried myself to sleep, wondering how I can change and how I can fix myself, believing I basically failed.  This morning, this text comes through.  Think God had a hand in that?  Of course!  I was DOWN in the dumps this morning.  I wasn't smiling, I didn't want to talk to anyone.  This brought me up.
2) "My your heart find joy in trials knowing that there is not one thing you face without the hand of God.  Begin to see that burdens are a carefully laid plan to draw you closer, you will rejoice through the heartache that God cares enough to invest the time."  My trials last night, were drawing me closer to the Lord.  My tears made me depend on God instead of anyone else.  I always want to talk to someone.  When nobody listens, I get upset.  That's when I realize someone is ALWAYS listening.  God.  He's always there.
Just because your marriage my be rocky , don't give up.  Put Christ at the center, allow Him to work in your heart.

I am hoping to scan the paper I talked about in my last post and hopefully let it be a download.  I am not sure how to go about doing that, but I am going to try to figure it out.  I think it was such a blessing, and I want to pass along the blessing.

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Mari said...

Another good post! I like what your co-workers said and I would love to see the paper you talked about.