Sunday, June 24, 2012

Church Camp 2012

V-I-C-T-O-R-Y that's the Christian battle cry!

Let's just say church camp was another amazing spiritual experience.  I don't even know where to begin!  Bro. Travis brought his A game again.  He hit the youth up with some amazing lessons.  Tuesday was my personal favorite.  He talked about miracles and how we tend to ask, but don't really truly have the faith to move mountains.  He asked anyone who was dealing with some burdens and needed deliverance to come to the altar and pray and believe that a miracle will happen.  Let's just say I was moved.  God moved in that camp like none other.  To see youth living for the Lord and worshiping Him and leaning on Him through their trials is what makes my love for the youth even more so.  Just our church alone had 6 salvations!  WHOOP WHOOP! One was a young man that we all thought was saved and he did too.  He realized he was too young to really understand.  This young man has already shown a lot of growth in his ways in the past week! I love watching God work in the youth.  I am so proud of all!  It was a long drive, but so worth it.  Randall and I get to take our two kids along and they fell in love with the youth all over again.  Randy had his people, which he called, "MY Jodie" or "MY Rylie!"  Ruthie had her little buddy this year, so she was off playing and learning the whole time.  Church camp is such an experience.  I hear of a lot of camps that have more games than worship.  That's one thing that I can say about this camp, when we have service, THE LORD BRINGS THE SERVICE!  It's such an awesome experience!

Is there anything more precious than teens gathered at the altar?

This is my sweet niece  Yes, she is taller than me!  ( I think I was going downhill though....)  She is such a blessing in my life.  All my nieces and nephews are.   Haley has just been amazing to watch grow in the Lord.  Randall and I have been amazed at seeing her faith and her growth.  Let's just say I KNOW that I KNOW that she is a child of God!

And of course, my dear husband.  I am so thankful for a man of God!

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Mari said...

What a wonderful weekend you had! I like the pictures!