Sunday, July 8, 2012

Simple Things

Heat waves call for indoor activities.  It is too hot to do anything but swim.  Sometimes I get a bit too much sun or I get a bit burned out.  I decided to go to my "Fun Activities" board on Pinterest and picked one out. It was fun, but I suggest doing it with cardstock and maybe painters tape.  I just did it quickly to give the kids something to do.  They LOVED it.  Randy keeps asking when he can paint again.  I hate to say it, but man it's messy when it comes to him!  Next time I need a cheap tablecloth I can throw away!

Love how she took her time and made it soooo "Ruthie!"

And well, he just made it "Randy"- a MESS!  Love this pic b/c you can see how he's squatting in the chair b/c he isn't quite tall enough just yet.

Even though it was a mess, he was very intent on doing it his way and he stayed focused!

Love this sweet girl of mine.  She is always smiling.  We just chopped off all her hair, so this made me kinda sad!

No, I don't have any pics of the final project, but their "R"'s were taped so when I took it off that was the only white part.  While it was neat, the paper crinkled and Ruthie's tore some.  So, that's why I recommended painter's tape and cardstock.

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Mari said...

What fun projects. Love that pic of Ruthie laughing.