Tuesday, August 21, 2012

I'm Back! {Honduras Trip}

Whew....what an amazing trip I had!  It was such a blessing!  Let's just say there were a few kids who made me truly want to adopt and bring back home!  One brother and sister in particular!  They were well taken care of, but their sweet souls just made my heart ache for them b/c I want them!

I will start from the beginning!
On the way to the airport, it was POURING down rain.  We have prayed for rain all summer.  It finally hit so hard that we almost missed our flight.  Let's just say nothing was going to stop us.  Our flight was delayed a bit.  We were supposed to have fifty minutes in between our flights.  That quickly changed to twenty minutes.  We were running through the Houston airport.  I thought for sure we wouldn't make it.  We did thank goodness!  When we arrived in San Pedro Sula, a man accidently took off with my back pack which held my Kindle (way of communicating while down there) and many other things.  I take off running again and try to explain to him with hand motions that he had my back pack.  We get it figured out, but I was scared b/c here I was running through an airport with sawed off shotguns and I don't even speak their language!  Thank GOODNESS I got my bag back b/c as it turns out, only 3 people received their luggage.  Guess who did not? That's right- ME. I was so grateful to have some extra clothes in my carry on.
After we arrive we meet up with our AMAZING helpers, Manuel & Maira and the best Honduran driver- Louise!  They are absolutely the most helpful, loving people you will ever meet.  They take us out to eat at the Power Chicken.  YUMMO!  It was deliciouso!  Once we got to the hotel (about a 2.5 hour drive) we settled down in time for dinner.  Let's just say we were WIPED OUT!  The next three days we visisted two schools in the morning, ate lunch, and then we visited two schools in the afternoon.  Some even stuck around after school was over just to see us and hear God's Word!  I love the fact that we are allowed to share God's Word IN SCHOOL in Honduras.  If only that could happen again here.....  I think it's such an opportunity for me, b/c I work at a school.   I have to travel in order to bring God's Word to the public schools.....
All the schools had amazing children.  The boy I fell in love with was at the gate when we arrived.  He just smiled at me the whole time.  I kept my eyes out for him while we were there.  After we handed out the Shepherd Bags, we were able to enjoy some play time with them.  I played with him for a while and his sweet, gorgeous sister came up to me and I asked her if she was his sister.  She said yes, and I just wanted to scoop them up and go home!  They were so precious.  He hugged me many times and told me thank you.  He even kissed my cheek as we were leaving.  Needless to say, I left in tears.  I am so grateful for the little Spanish I know!
We were able to eat at a wonderful resturant and the other was so polite to us.  She did anything we needed her to.  She was one gorgeous woman too.  The mayor of Santa Barbara (where we went) even came along the first day and sent assistants the next few days.  She even paid for our spectacular hotel!
Before we hand out Shepherd Bags, our preacher preaches some and Manuel translates.  After, Manuel preaches some more.  Asks them to bow their heads, say a prayer, and then raise their hand if they meant it.  Seeing those precious glowing hands raised....there are no words.  Many souls more going to Heaven and when I get there, I can't wait to see their little faces!
The first time I went, I was a bit uneasy b/c all around me it felt evil.  I didn't feel safe where we went the first time in 2010.  This time, it was a whole different story.  We were accepted everywhere.  These people haven't had to experience the devil.  I am so happy God's seed was planted before the devil came.   Last time, I went to learn to put God first in my life.  I had put my family first and I knew that was wrong.  Leaving your children and trusting that God is protecting you all is a hard thing to do and I was so blessed.  I have God first in my life and I was able to relax and truly enjoy the country and their people!
We had some amazing people go with us.  Two special youth girls went.  What an experience!  They kept us on our toes and had us laughing until tears were running down our legs!  HAHA!  They are such precious souls and I think it is VERY important for younger generations to see poverty in true form and see what they have compared to others.
I am one blessed woman.  Now, to share some photos.......

Me and some kiddos on the first day, first school.  The one in the middle LOVED the camera!
Here is my boy....yes, I wish he was here with me now....

And here we are with his sister.  Isn't she breathtaking!?

Precious little saved souls I will one day see in Heaven!

Checking out what they received in their bags!


Mari said...

Welcome back! I'm glad you had such a wonderful trip and lives were changed! I loved the pictures of those precious kids.

Becky H said...

Thanks for sharing! Enjoyed hearing about your trip afraid I would too be wanting to bring home some kids if I went. Love the kiddo's.
Have a blessed week.
Becky Honey

Sadie said...

Thank you Becky for responding! Hope you and your family are doing well!