Thursday, November 29, 2007

Chrismas is near!

I love Christmas time. I love the smell of the Christmas tree. I even love the smell of our wood burning stove. Yes, the same stove I was mad about in another post. I L.O.V.E. hot chocolate and the smell of anything baking in our stove. I love shopping for others. I love this time of year!

This picture was taken the other day. We were getting ready to go somewhere and her little chair was sitting by the tree and she sat in it and I had to take a few pics! This was one of the better ones. She's a mess. She makes me laugh all the time though. She is learning more about herself. She cracks me up with the faces she makes.

I have been exhausted the last few days b/c I have been sick with allergies. They are kicking me in the BUTT this year. It hasn't been this bad since I lived with Mom & Dad. I am taking Zyrtec daily and my inhaler most days. I hate to, but I have to.

We are heading up to Randall's dad's tomorrow. We are leaving as soon as Randall gets off work, 7:30 or so, and it'll take us about 2 hours to get there. We are staying the night and spending that day there. I am sure we will have a great time. Ruthie needs to bond with her Granny & Pop's. Plus, Grandad will be with us and we already know she adores him!

Tara challenged everyone who read her blog to post 8 random things about ourselves, so here they are!

1) I have webbed feet. It's only two toes, but they are truly webbed.

2) I am totally in love with Garth Brooks. Not just in love, TOTALLY in love. I get all giddy when I see in in concert or even on tv.

3) I met Randall at my boyfriend's (at the time) little sister's b-day party. He asked me to go hang out with him b/c I was upset at my boyfriend. I didn't take him up on his offer that night, but I did the next night. Well, you see where that got us!

4) Growing up I despised my sister Sharie. Now, I couldn't love her anymore than I do now. I have two sister and they are truly my best friends.

5) Someday I will go to Spain. I have always wanted to go there....someday!

6) When I was little, I hated my middle name- Ruth. One of my friend's mom told me the name sounded like dog barking. I got over it to name my daughter Georgia Ruth. After all- it's about my Grandma b/c it's her middle name as well.

7) I have a dimple when I smile. My brother's and sister's used to sing the song- "Sadie's in the middle, let me see your dimple!" OMG I hated that!

8) I clean house like my mom. Everything is cluttered. In order for my house to look nice, I just stack that clutter neatly!

There we go. Eight random things about good ole' Sadie! Oh, and I challenge anyone who reads my blog to do the same and post eight random things about themselves!

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