Thursday, November 22, 2007


Thanksgiving is my favorite holiday! This is what Ruthie wanted to do while Randall and I were making our dishes for my side of the family's dinner. She is a mess. She claimed she was "stuck." She kept spinning around and around. What a goob huh?

Wednesday we went to Randall's mom's house. We had a great time there. I love spending time with family. Ruthie is obsessed with her cousin Shelby. That is one name I am tired of hearing. She is constantly asking, "Mommy, where Shelby?" It's too cute though. I am glad she knows her family. It melts my heart.

We ate and sat around and talked for a few hours. We figured out when we are going to celebrate Christmas. It's going to be at our house, which is fine with me. I think I will like it better. Sure, we will have a mess to clean up, but at least Ruthie will be in her "element." I wanted to share this pic of her at Nana's house. This is what Aunt Steph did to keep her busy.

Today, we celebrated at my G-ma & G-pa's. We have such a large family now that we can't do it at someone's house b/c we are too cramped. So, we have it at the airport club house. My G-pa has a small airport in his pasture (yes, we are southern!) and they have a big clubhouse that has bathrooms, fridge, and sinks, so it gives us plenty of room to eat and play outside. I am not very fond of it b/c I like being at a house, but this is best. G-ma didn't make it, which broke my heart. I miss her. I miss her being like she used to. It seems like so many times we think she won't make it to the next Thanksgiving, and she has made it through so many more than we thought she would. I am so thankful she is still alive. That's one thing that amazes me is how she keeps fighting. She wants to give up, but she has such a large family and I think that is what keeps her going. She is an amazing woman. I was born on her b-day and we share the same middle name, and so does Ruthie. I adore her.

Ruthie did so much better than I thought she would today. I figured with so many people she would be stuck to me like glue, but boy was I wrong. She wanted Aunt Sue, Aunt Alisha, Uncle Joe, Grandmama, Pappy, and many more. I loved seeing her with her family.

Here are a few photos from today.

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I'm Tara. said...

Okay - she is EDIBLE she is so cute!! I just adore her, Sadie. I'm glad you enjoyed your holiday, friend.