Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Since I haven't posted pics in a while-

here are a few!

We went to the air show. Ruthie had fun on Randall's shoulders!


We finally got out to fly the kite!

Here they are walking out.

The cows decided to meet them.

As you can tell Ruthie HATES cows! LOL!

So, she and I stood on the other side of the fence and she flew the kite for the first time!



Mari said...

More cute pictures of Ruthie! We spent a lot of time at air shows because Andy and Bob loved them.

Cheri said...

We've gone to the air shows a couple of times too.
The picture of Ruthie with the terrifying cows is precious and I love the last pic too.
What a precious family you have!

Eddie said...

Hi Sadie, thanks for visiting my blog. Beth should be back on in a few days. She told me this afternoon that her internet provider was coming to the house in the morning to view something. she may have another problem. She has a new computer but something is still wrong. Please continue to visit my blog as I will continue discussing the "Rapture Question" and what it means to those who claim the name of Christ.
God bless you.