Saturday, May 5, 2012

A little gift from Heaven

We were recently blessed with a new member to our family.  This precious baby boy belongs to my brother Joe. My brother was very dear to me growing up.  He always took care of me and loved me like nobody else.  I remember when he was in 6th grade and I in Kindergarten, we were in the same building.  We were on the opposite ends of the hall.  He would walk me to the hallway, kiss me on the cheek and tell me to have a good day.  He was my hero.  In fact, I wrote something stating that he was my hero.  He was just always there for me and never treated me like the annoying little sister I was.  I adored him and wanted to be just like him.  In fact, I used to think he would love me more if I was a boy.  My reason for that- we had another person just as close to us. That was my cousin Eli.  Since Eli was a boy and a few years older than me, he and Joe got along a bit better.  They didn't leave me out, but there were sometimes where I would think if I was a boy he would love me more.  I used to tell him that and he would get so mad!  I still do it sometimes just to see his reaction!
If you have been a follower of my blog for a while or if you know me in "real life," you may know who Eli was. Eli was my best friend, along with Joe growing up.  He was beyond a best friend.  He was the best. He ALWAYS knew how to make people smile.  He always played pranks on people and he never made anyone feel bad about anything.  He was just a free spirit who everyone loved.  Eli passed away on July 11th, 2008.  That was a very tough year.  In fact, it's still tough.  I struggle with the fact of him being gone.  I wonder why I have to visit him at a cemetery instead of his house.  There are days when I think I might be getting some closure, but then there are days I take five steps backwards and realize I am not even close.
One thing that is making it easier is this little gift from Heaven, my nephew.  My brother named him Eli.  What a precious baby boy.  He has stolen EVERYONE'S hearts.  There is something that helps bring a bit of closure when you say the name Eli and you have a smile on your face and a bit of joy in your heart.  It used to be so hard to say the name and remember that he's not here.  But now he is.  He's in this precious nephew I adore.  I hope he plays a million pranks on Joe & Alisha and scares the crud out of his big sisters.  I know big Eli is looking down on little Eli and smiling.  They both have brought so much back into our lives.  With that being said, let me introduce you to my precious nephew!

This one brings such a smile to my face.  Eli meant so much to my mom and dad too.  My dad RARELY smiles for a pic, so you can tell he too is smitten with this little guy!

An here I am, holding a little piece of Heaven we call Eli.  


Joe said...

Sadie. U really have no remote clue how much that means to me. In your words is the exact reason his name is Eli. I am just so glad everyone has understood why we named him after a very great man and father. I nor anyone will probably ever have full closure but I definitely have a lot more now. The name Eli has always brought a smile to my face it will continue to do so for the rest of my life. I also have to add that I can only hope he pulls as many pranks on us as the great man he was named after.

Mari said...

He is adorable and I love his name, especially after reading the reason for it.

Our Family said...

He's just beautiful, Sadie! I am sure his namesake feels the same.